Mahesh Bhupati, once rightly said, “Indian Food is a luxury on tour.” and there are no second thoughts about how deeply loved the food from our motherland has always been. From our curries to breads and from our snacks to desserts, nothing really remains untouched and unappreciated. 

One of the immensely loved and inviting foods is the street food from Old Delhi. The mere aroma of the place gets you from within because you feel nothing but ecstasy, born from the ambrosial dishes, ingredients and the aroma released by them. Honestly, the dilemma you go through in selecting your meal for the day will be a real struggle since you will find a miscellany of food items being sold at the food stalls. Be it parathas, kebabs, non-vegetarian delicacies, chaat, desserts or fried snacks you can feast on almost anything that comes to your mind.
Owing to its finding empire and being the seat of the Mughal Empire for almost two centuries, Old Delhi is deeply influenced by the Mughlai cuisine. Karim’s, one of the most famous restaurants is located in near the Jama Masjid. The famous Paranthe Wali Gali and Ghantewala Halwai are the talk of the town. Chandni Chowk and Chawri Bazaar areas have many street joints that sell spicy chaat and scrumptious snacks. 
Let’s take our very own food trip around Old Delhi:

Paranthe Wali Gali

The very famous and the very old Paranthe Wali Gali offers a huge variety of hot Parathas (Indian flatbread). It started off with Pandit Gaya Prasad’s single shop in 1876 and eventually, grew up to 16 of them in the same lane. It is run by the family of Pandit Gaya Prasad and his relatives and the sixth generation continues to run the four of the sixteen original shops that remain.

Address: Pandit Gaya Prasad Shiv Charan, 34, Paranthe Wali Gali, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi.

Lotan Chole Wala

If you relish spicy, lip smacking Chole Kulche, you must stop by this joint that has been on the streets since years and generations. The cholas served with in a hot, spiced up curry, with diced potatoes and a garnish of fresh coriander should be at the top of your ‘must try’ list.

Address:  Lotan Chole Wala, Chatta Shahji, Chawri Bazaar


Natraj, near the Chandni Chowk metro station has mouth-watering dahi bhalla and aloo tikki on their menu which only leave you wanting more.,/div>

Address: 1396, Main Road, Beside Central Bank, Kucha Mahajan, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Jung Bahadur Kachori Wala

The crispy crust and tender, flavoursome filling of the kachoris are one of the most talked about dishes. They serve a variety like dal kachori, pyaaz kachori, matar kachori, dry fruit kachori etc.

Address: 1104, Maliwara, Jogiwari, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar, Bishan Swaroop and Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar

The chunky fruit chaat and aloo ke kulle, crispy papris, tangy tamarind chutney, golgappas are all an absolute bliss!
Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar even offers you gobhi-matar samosas and the
Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar offer a rare kachaalu chutney.

1. Shree Balaji Chaat Bhandar – 1462, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi
2. Bishan Swaroop – 1421, Near Ashish Medicos, Chandini Chowk, New Delhi
3. Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar – 77, Chandini Chowk, New Delhi

Al Jawahar

From Mutton Barrah to Tikkas and from their flavourful mutton dishes to their Chicken delicacies, you’ll keep craving for more.

Address: 8, Jama Masjid Matia Mahal Road, New Delhi

Kallu Nihari

The extremely famous Nihari from Kallu Nihari is said to be cooked slowly, steadily, for hours for just the right taste and the tenderness. Passed on from generations, it is undoubtedly Delhi’s best Nihari.

Address: 180, Chhatta Lal Mian, Jama Masjid, Old Delhi, New Delhi.


As the legend goes, Mohammed Aziz was a cook in the court of the Mughals and one of his sons, Haji Karim Uddin moved to Delhi with ambition to open a food joint and it was then, that the Karim Hotel was established in 1913. All meat lovers must take a flavourful stop at Karim’s for their divine and tender kebabs and mutton nihari. 

Address: Meena Bazaar, Jama Masjid, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi.

Qureshi Kebabs

If you are a kebab lover, Qureshi is the place for you. Known for their delicious and succulent kebabs, the shop offers both chicken and mutton which are widely loved.

Address: Opposite Gate no. 1, Jama Masjid, New Delhi


This street food joint is immensely loved for their toothsome preparations. It is extremely famous for its Butter Chicken. Their Roasted Chicken and Chicken Tikka is also worth a try.

Address: 540, Bazaar Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, Delhi

Daulat Ki Chaat

The unique, rich, foamy dessert made of churned milk is a delight to have. The luscious flavour of khoya and saffron instantly soothes your senses.
Address: Gail Prathe Wali Naughara, Jain Temple Kinari Bazar, Old Delhi, Delhi

Old Famous Jalebi Wala

The beautiful swirls, fried and glazed with sugar syrup is an inviting sight in its own. The jalebis here are fried in home-made desi ghee and cooked over coal-fire.

Address: Dariba Kalan Road, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi


One of the oldest sweet shops in India and it is famous for its very palatable Sohan halwa, Karachi halwa, Badaam barfi, Pista Samosa and the evergreen Mootichoor Ladoo.

Address: Katra Shah N Shah, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Hazari Lal Jain Khurchan Wale

The gooey, soft heavenly Khurchan sticky sweet, made out of scraping out leftovers of boiled milk and garnished with pistachios is an absolute delight to treat yourself with.

Address: 2225, Kinari Bazaar, Chandni Chowk, New Delhi

Kuremaal Mohan Lal Kulfi Waale

A legendary shop that offers a scrumptious range of flavoured kulfi that will you leave you wondering which one to try. Do get your taste buds on their Jamun and Falsa kulfis.

Address: Shop No. 526, Sitaram Bazaar Road, Kucha Pati Ram, Old Delhi

Cool Point

Last, but definitely not the least the Cool Point is the talk of the town, especially for their ambrosial Shahi Tukda and Mango Ice cream. Their Shahi Tukda, the bread pudding dessert is one of the best in Delhi owing to its mild saffron and cardamom touch. 

Address: 972, Bazaar Matia Mahal, Jama Masjid, New Delhi

So, wasn’t I right about the dilemma faced while choosing your meal of the day when you’re out to have a good time in the streets of Old Delhi?
Old Delhi has multitude of appetizing dishes to offer and a variety just enough to suit everyone’s palate. It is safe to say; this place is a little ‘Food Festival’ In itself and is sure the hallmark of the country’s capital.

Jaunty Janpath


One of the most euphoric and every woman’s treasured places in Delhi is the very radiant Janpath market

The extremely widespread market, acts as a stop-shop for almost everything, ranging from Tibetan market, Gujarati market, Central Cottage Industries Emporium to the flea market side full of fancy artificial jewellery, oh-so-in clothes, shoes, handicrafts and all of it, at extremely minimal prices.

Janpath translates literally to People’s Path and true to its name, offers anything and everything that people would want. It is a joyful heaven for shoppers to buy garments, shoes, jewellery, handicrafts and even cherish little stops at fast-food outlets and everything falls right under your budget! Not just all this, the market is extremely popular for some exquisite items like original Pashmina Shawl from Kashmir and other Kashmiri wool scarves and shawls. You’ll see a wide range of Indian Kurtis and Churidars as well as a myriad of western garments, the kind of options that will dazzle you. A variety of brass ornaments, artefacts, handicrafts carpets, wall hangings and musical instruments are displayed for sale, in case you thought Janpath is just confined to fashion.

The Tibetan Market has a wide range of Himalayan arts and crafts like the Tibetan Thangka paintings of gods and goddesses and just beyond these stores is the Gujarati market where a number Gujarati craftsmen and women sell you extremely colourful, scintillating, embroidered bags, pillowcases, umbrellas, shirts and what not. The main market and the flea market that offers shops and walking vendors selling a diverse collection of chunky jewellery, jootis, handicraft items, garments etc.
If the approximately 1.5 km long market, stretched from the Outer Circle of Connaught Place to Windsor Place gets you all exhausted and famished, you’ll never fall short of options to treat yourself for all the hard work with varied fast food stops, around the market


  • Asha Handicrafts, S-12, Gujarati Market, Janpath – for all the Gujarati handicrafts you need.
  • Mohan Garments, N-53B, Municipal Market, Janpath – they have a wide range of dresses, blouses, sarees in various styles- printed, embroidered, plain.  
  • Lovely Jewellery, 14, Main Market, Janpath – for the right junk jewellery to match all your outfits
  • Monga Handicrafts Corner, Shop no. 1, Old Mini Market, Janpath – for pretty home decor handicrafts like dreamcatchers, little dazzling lights, vintage wall clocks, frames, puppets, boxes etc.
  • Depaul’s, 22, Janpath Bhawan- If visit Janpath and you have to try Depaul’s coffee and the momos stall beside it.
  • MBS Book Stall, Janpath Subway, Near Shop no. 1, Janpath Market – since you cannot call it complete shopping, without a book or two.
  • Arihant Fragrance, 17, Main Market, Janpath – for rare attars, natural and pure perfumes.

CLOSEST METRO STATION: Janpath Metro Station on the Violet Line,

Rajiv Chowk Metro Station on Blue Line


It is safe to say that the Janpath market is situated in one of the most happening areas of the city, hence along with it there are quite a few iconic landmarks one is likely to visit, these are:

  • National Museum

  • Jantar Mantar

  • Agrasen Ki Baoli

  • India Gate

  • Rashtrapati Bhawan

  • Hungarian Cultural Centre, 1 Janpath

  • Bangla Sahib Gurudwara

  • Central Cottage Industries Emporium

  • Scindia House


The Imperial, Shangri-La’s Eros, The Park, Le Meridien, The Lalit are few of the finest options to stay when one wishes to stay near Janpath Market.

1911 at Imperial, Saravana Bhawan, Masala Trail, Informal by Imperfecto, Tourist Cafe, Banta Bar, Sorrento at Shangri La are lovely options to dine at when near Janpath.

All in all, the Janpath market is nothing less than a heaven for any shopaholic. A wide range of anything and everything trendy, myriad of options for shopping stores and eateries within a minimal budget. Isn’t that something all of us believe of as a utopia?

What AGRA holds –  Except for The Majestic Taj

You must have heard about Taj, even if you have never been to India. This glorious monument of India has brought a lot of pride to our nation. There is a reason the Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, with people travelling miles to see it.
The beauty of the foundation is incredible and it has a captivating story behind it. There are tales that the Emperor planned to build an exact copy of the Taj on the other side of the river in black marble as his own tomb. However, he is buried within the Taj Mahal, sharing it forever with his late wife. In poetry, the Taj has been called ‘a tear drop on the cheek of eternity’.
Celebrities like Princess Diana, Leonardo Di Caprio , Mark Zuckerberg , Hilary Clinton , Julia Roberts , Oprah Winfrey, Tom Cruise, Bill Clinton have graced this monument with their presence and fell in love with its beauty the very moment.

Agra – Home to 3 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

After you have enjoyed the Taj, you must head to the following two places which are also recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Agra Fort

This mighty fort was the main residence of the emperors of the Mughal Dynasty. Located about 2.5 km northwest of its more famous sister monument, the Taj Mahal. The red sandstone structure is surrounded by chahar-bagh, a four-square formal garden. Within is the picture perfect Pearl Mosque, which is a major tourist attraction. It lies on the bend of the river Yamuna, almost in the heart of the town.

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is 37 km west of Agra. Akbar, Humanyun’s son, accessed the throne at the tender age of 14. While hunting around Sikri his curiosity was aroused by the songs of some minstrels about the celebrated Khwaja -Mu’inu’d-din Chisti, the founder of the Chisti order of SUFIS.
Akbar, who was without a male heir heard about Saint Salim Chisti and visited him in the year 1568, the saint blessed him with 3 sons and in gratitude Akbar ordered the great mosque of Fatehpur Sikri, built under his supervision. As a mark of respect to the saint, Akbar shifted his capital to Fatehpur Sikri and built various secular buildings like the Diwan -I-Am, Diwan-I-Khas, Jodhabai palace, Birbal’s house, Marian’s house and the Panchmahal.

Explore Hidden Gems
After you have lived the wonders of architecture and the rich history of the 3 beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites, make some time to explore the hidden gems of the city.

Itmad-Ud-Ullah (Baby Taj)

The interiors of which are considered better than the Taj. One of the most beautiful Mughal tombs, it was built by NurJahan, the Empress of Jahangir for her father in 1628. The tomb is a resting place of the powerful personality in Mughal Court, Itmad-Ud-Daulah, whose life is very interesting. Formerly a very poor Persian merchant then named Mirza Ghiyas he became a minister and a trusted treasure in Akbar’s court. After Akbar’s death in 1605, his son Jahangir rose into power. Jahangir made Ghiyas his chief minister and honored him with the title of Itmad-Ud-Daulah, the Pillar of State. Later, Jahangir met a beautiful daughter of Ghiya named Mehr-Un-Nissa and married her. Mehr-Un-Nissa soon played a significant role in the Jahangir’s court and was called Nur Mahal, the light of the Place. The mausoleum is entirely made of white marble and graced with intricate decoration of inlay work, and marble-screen work belonging to the Islamic style. With its tranquil, small garden on the bank of Yamuna River, the tomb stands impressively elegant from a distance.

If you wish to have a different prospective of Taj or you want to jump the queue for Taj Mahal entry you can clearly see the Taj from across the river bank. One such place with a view to remember is Mehtab Bagh, the “Moonlight Garden”. This 25 acre Mughal garden complex is situated directly opposite the monument and was actually built before the Taj, by Emperor Babur (the founder of the Mughal Empire). It fell into ruin but has been beautifully reconstructed. The entry cost is 200 rupees for foreigners and 15 rupees for Indians, and it’s open until sunset. Alternatively, you can get a close-up view of the Taj Mahal for free by walking down the side road until you get to the river bank.
Where to Head When Hungry

While you are hogging to different monuments in the historic city, do not go hungry with this list of the best restaurants in Agra.

Pinch Of Spice
Good Vibes Café
Momo Café
Tea’se Me
Café Sheroes Hangout
Bon Barbecue
Taj Bano – ITC Mughal
Peshawari – ITC Mughal
Joney’s Place
Bellevue – Oberoi Amarvilas

Home to historic mighty monuments , heaven for shopoholics with crazy options for local street food , Agra is a must visit city on every traveler’s list worldwide.

ANDAMAN ISLANDS – Recharge Your Health

ANDAMAN ISLANDS – Recharge Your Health

With its magnificent beaches, crystal clear water and serene beauty, Andaman is the perfect choice for a laid back, rejuvenating vacation away from the hustle bustle of the city life.
The place will bring you closer to nature and to your own self as there is no or very poor network connections and WIFI across the islands.
The ever welcoming weather, fresh seafood, adventure sports, marine life, rich history, coral reefs, exotic resorts make Andaman an ideal destination for a peaceful getaway with your loved ones.
How To Get There?

You can reach Port Blair by air and by ship. Most flights are connected to Port Blair via Chennai or Kolkata. Passenger ships are also available to Port Blair from Vishakapatnam, Kolkata and Chennai.
We suggest you take a direct or a connecting flight to Port Blair as it saves time and is more comfortable as long journeys on sea can cause sea sickness, nausea and vomiting.
Airport to your hotel in Port Blair would cost you about 200 Rs for an Ac Car and about 100 Rs for an Auto.
To reach Havelock and Neil Island, there are ferry rides available from Port Blair. Approximate Travel Time

  • Port Blair to Neil Island : 2 hours
  • Port Blair to Havelock Island : 2.5 to 3 hours
  • Havelock to Neil Island : 1 hour
The Bitter Truth

Both private and government ferries operate, but at times tickets aren’t available and you must find a local agent or guide who can surely help you out with ferry tickets. 
Online bookings for ferries are also not available which makes it very difficult for the ones traveling without a package to purchase ferry tickets.
We suggest you book a package inclusive of all transfers from Port Blair to Havelock and Neil if you have any plans of staying at any of the two islands, do not wait to reach Andaman and then book the tickets for the same as you might end up wasting a lot of time in the queues and could still be left hopeless. Thus, best is to leave it on a local agent or guide to take care of the ferry tickets.
Also, note that not all hotels, drivers and guides are friendly and you might come across cold people with a strange attitude , at times one does not feel welcomed even after paying well for their services, be prepared for some unreceptive people in Andaman.
However, top rated hotels and restaurants do give you great customer service and look after you throughout. Be very careful when choosing hotels in Andaman as you may be paying a higher price but still will not be getting the basic amenities and customer service!

What Not To Miss

Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail

This architectural wonder in the city of Port Blair is a national memorial. The light and sound show which narrates the brutal atrocities done on our brave freedom fighters brings alive the horrific struggle for Independence. Though the show will leave you teary eyed it is a must as it fills you with the sense of pride and honor for our nation and immense respect and gratefulness towards our freedom fighters.

Swimming with the Elephant at Radhanagar Beach

With accolades such as The Best Beach in India and on the list of Top 10 Beaches in the World, Radhanagar Beach will leave you awestruck and tranquil. The amazing stretch of white sands and the never ending ocean view with beautiful sight of mangroves will take you in a world of dreams. If you get a chance to swim with Rajan : the elephant; Do Not Miss It At Any Cost!

Scuba Diving at Havelock

Havelock being a picturesque destination, is a boon for non – swimmers who can experience the thrill of scuba diving with the help of trainers. The ecstatic views of the tropical underwater ocean life will give you an experience you will never forget. Be assured you are in safe hands as it is performed in a controlled, safe environment.
Our Suggestion : Ocean Tribe

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Located near Wandoor Beach, it displays variety of coloured fish, sea turtles, corals and a lot more about the marine life. It is also called Bird’s paradise having more than 250 varieties of birds. If you are travelling with children, you must visit this one.

Explore Corals at North Bay

You can experience the rich exotic underwater corals and marine life by either Sea Walking or by taking a ride in the Andaman Dolphin, this high speed boat has a glass bottom where one can view the underwater life in comfort. For those who are willing to take a thrill, go for Sea Walking without a second doubt, but we would suggest Andaman Dolphin for children and senior people who are not willing to go underwater. Do Not Miss the chance to discover the hidden gems underwater and you will love every bit of the experience.

Relaxing at Corbin Cove’s Beach

Lined with palm and coconut trees, this is one of the best beaches in India. Serene view of the ocean, cute little dogs to play with on the beach, and locals selling sea shell jewellery while you enjoy coconut water and fresh seafood at small restaurants at the shore of this beach.
Also famous for Water Sports!

What to Add In Your Suitcase
  • Light comfortable cotton clothes for the day, beachwear and one or two light cardigans or shawls as it gets quite cool in the evenings
  • Sunglasses, umbrella, raincoat (optional), hats
  • Trekking shoes if you are planning to trek
  • Basic medicines, mosquito repellent, sunscreen
  • Scuba Diving and Snorkeling suits and kits will be provided by the divers and are inclusive of the fees

Where To Stay
There are quite a lot options to stay in Port Blair
in the Luxury, Mid Range and Budget Range.
Based on our own experience of about 15 odd
hotels in Andaman, we suggest you stay at the
following if you want proper amenities, good
customer service and good quality food.
Port Blair: Hotel Shompen, Fortune Resort Bay Island, Sinclairs Bayview, SeaShell

Havelock Island:Barefoot at Havelock, SeaShell, Wild Orchid, Cross Bill Beach Resort, Symphony Palms Beach Resort, Taj Exotica Resort & Spa

Neil Island: Silver Sand Beach Resort, Summer Sands Beach Resort, SeaShell, Tango Beach Resort

Where To Dine
While Port Blair has quite a lot options
to dine at, Havelock and Neil do not have
big markets and thus very limited dining options
are available.

However, you can choose to dine at your
hotel itself but if you are looking for places
to eat out, here are a few suggestions from us!

Port Blair: Ananda , Icy Spicy, Annapurna, New Lighthouse Restaurant, Amaya, Gagan Restaurant, The Love Garden, The Andaman Kitchen, Dakshin by Barefoot

Havelock: Something Different, Full Moon Café, Red Snapper, Golden Spoon , Anju Coco

Neil: Blue Sea, Garden View, Dugong

A sumptuous meal for 2 at any good restaurant would cost around 400 to 1000 Rupees depending on the order.
Prices for seafood dishes depend on the size of the fish or the prawn mostly.

Except for these good restaurants, do not miss to snack at the local joints at beach shores.
Do try Dishes like Golden Fried Prawns, Fried Fish, Lobster and Prawn Maggi at small stalls near the beaches for about 200 to 600 rupees.
Must Try : Pani Puri at the roadside , it is a little different from what you get in Delhi, Mumbai etc but it is super yum. You get 5 pieces for 10 Rs.
Why Choose Andaman

Experts say overloading without taking time to recharge isn’t healthy. We do not work efficiently if we are in a constant state of stress. We need timely breaks to get replenished. With the busy lifestyle and stress at work, it is very important to take breaks and visit places which are away from the busy city life. Places where you can indulge in your own self, where you eat on time, wake up watching a sunrise and get sleepy as the sun sets.

Choose a destination where you breathe fresh air, drink fresh juices, cut down on sugar and fast food and enjoy the rich culture of freshly prepared Indian cuisine. Walk along the shores, let the music be the sound of waves and click pictures of the natural beauty with your eyes and not your camera.

Stroll along the streets, drink a cup of tea at a tapri, meet local people, sit under a tree and read a book and you would feel a change in yourself, you’ll find yourself happier, you’ll wake up more energetic, you’ll feel the nature talking to you and you will have experiences that will remain with you for life!

Get Your Bags Packing and Head To Andaman Islands and Escape Into A Magical Wonderland With Your Loved Ones!!!